3 Things People Learn When Moving With DC’s Best Movers

Moving long distances can be long, complicated, and stressful. And when you’re finally finished, you’re likely to be tired, anxious, and mentally worn out.

We’ve shared plenty of moving tips on this blog, but for this entry, we’re going to do something a little different. After finishing countless cross-country moves with our clients, we’re going to share some of the lessons our clients have learned during the moving process.

Deciding Where And When To Move Is Difficult

Once you find employment in a particular place, you have a pretty good idea of where you’re going to live. But if you’ve decided to move first and find a job second, the decision can be pretty daunting. You have a lot of different variables to take into consideration.

But let’s say you already have a job lined up.  Deciding on the right neighborhood can make or break your entire experience in your new city. When looking at a new neighborhood, you need to consider housing costs, proximity to your workplace, and the general state of the rental/housing market.

Timing is also immensely important. You can save a lot of money if you move during a time of year or even a time of the month when moves are less common.

Moving will be less challenging if you avoid summer moves. That’s because summer is the busiest season for the best movers, including us. Not only is finding an apartment more expensive, finding a moving truck rental can also get a bit complicated. Moving between October and April generally means moving companies will charge a bit less, and housing will be easier to find.

Most People Have Way Too Much Stuff

If all you’re doing is a local move, it’s pretty easy to gloss over the fact that you own too many things.  You transport a bunch of heavy items a few miles away, set them up, and forget about them.  It’s tiring, but it’s temporary.

But when you’re moving across the country, delicate items have to travel longer distances. And you have to spend a lot more money and stress on making sure they end up at your destination in one piece.

That’s why it’s important to look at everything you own as critically as possible, and really ask yourself if the things you own add value to your life. Once you get rid of everything you no longer need, you can pack relatively light when moving to your new destination, arriving with little more than the essentials.

You can also pay your moving company extra for the extra cargo, which may or may not be worth the hassle, depending on how attached you are to your possessions.  The best movers should be able to handle virtually any amount of cargo.

Here at Tristate, we’ve seen our clients take both approaches. We’ve had clients sell so many things, all they really needed help transporting was a handful of pieces of heavy furniture. We’ve also taken on large projects where we’ve transported entire mansions worth of electronics, books, furniture, cookware, etc.

Which approach works best for you will depend on your personality, life circumstances, and budget.  But most of our clients are more than happy to undertake a moderate degree of downsizing.

It’s Important To Conduct To Visit Your New Home Before Spending A Single Penny

Just last month, we had a client in Fairfax, VA who rented an apartment in Denver, CO without visiting first. She put down her deposit after researching a number of listings online.  When she arrived, she admitted that if she had visited in person first, she wouldn’t have placed her deposit. It’s not that the apartment was awful, but it wasn’t quite as luxurious in person as it seemed in the photographs.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong researching apartment or housing listings online. Apartment and real estate search tools can help you speed up the process of finding exactly what you’re looking for, and uncover listings you might not have found otherwise.  But before you make a final decision on a new place to live, it’s important to visit first.

Unfortunately, many landlords and real-estate agents are pushy and may use high pressure sales tactics to convince you to make a down payment or deposit. Simply put, it’s never a good idea to let yourself fall for those types of sales tactics.

Here’s the unfiltered truth: it’s impossible to know if you’re going to like a place without visiting first. Not to mention that most apartment listings don’t have detailed descriptions of the neighborhoods where they’re located. For all you know, you could accidentally end up renting a beautiful apartment right next to a garbage dump.

Instead of putting down a deposit after doing some internet research, schedule a visit to an apartment or house before paying a single penny.  The money you’ll spend on a hotel or an Airbnb will be more than worth the peace of mind of knowing you’ve chosen the right place.

Besides, the first year in a new city is always the most difficult, but having a home you love will take the edge off.

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