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Moving to a new apartment or condo involves some unique challenges that homeowners don’t have to deal with. Luckily, our movers know exactly how to navigate those challenges, so you don’t have to deal with unnecessary stress or fees.

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When transitioning to a new apartment or condo, you need the help of professional apartment movers rockville. Unlike homeowners, renters don’t have the luxury of ignoring minor cosmetic damage if they don’t find it noticeable–if it’s there, you absolutely will have to pay for it.

Our apartment movers are adept at moving bulky furniture through tight spots while preventing dents in walls and scratches on floors. They literally pad wrap the doors, walls, and even elevators of apartment buildings to ensure that you don’t have to pay fees or damages.

We’re so confident about our ability to avoid damages, we promise to pay the damage fees ourselves if we mess up. (We won’t mess up, though.)

Don’t let your well-meaning friends cost you your security deposit. Bring in the pros at TRISTATE.

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TriState Moving and Storage – The Local Moving Service of Choice for Apartment/Condo Owners in Rockville, Maryland.

Moving from one apartment to another in Rockville, Maryland, can be both exciting and distressing. If you ask someone who has tried moving by themselves, they’ll tell how they dread the process of moving.  Whether you’re moving a few yards across the street or miles away, moving to another apartment by oneself can leave you feeling overwhelmed, not to mention the risk of injury you’ll expose yourself to and the possible losses in property damages. Moving isn’t a whole lot of fun as it requires specialized equipment, packing supplies, and professional planning and execution. From turning your apartment upside down to packing up all your possessions,  the heavy lifting onto trucks to unloading, and unpacking all over again, moving is not a walk in the park.

Trying to relocate by yourself without the right equipment, packing supplies, and expertise will be a time-consuming ordeal, and you could end up making costly blunders. Unless you’ve moved multiple times before, moving without the help of a reliable local moving service isn’t going to be as smooth as planned. This is where local moving services for apartment and condo owners come in.  No matter how small or big your moving project is, hiring a local moving service is always the best idea considering the many things that could go wrong if you choose to do it by yourself.

The decision to hire a moving service for apartments and condos in Rockville, Maryland, or doing it by oneself is always a debate. Some people choose the DIY option believing that it’s cost-effective or simply because of the belief that there isn’t anything a moving service can do that they can’t do themselves. But is moving by oneself really cheaper? Certainly not. In the bid to save money, you actually lose it, and the whole process becomes expensive in the end. Taking the DIY approach especially when moving over a long distance demands a lot more than you can imagine. The worst thing about DIY moving is that the safety of your prized items is not guaranteed. Hiring a professional apartment moving service in Rockville can make the moving process enjoyable and hassle-free right from the first phone call to the end. Working with the best moving service for condo owners in Rockville ensures everything runs smoothly, from packing to loading and unloading to give you peace of mind.

A professional apartment movers service will use the best methods and techniques to move all your items with utmost precision and care. Working with an experienced Rockville mover can mean the difference between a quick and easy transition and a frustrating ordeal.

If you’re planning to move to a new apartment within Rockville and even beyond and you’re not sure which moving services to hire, look no further than TriState Moving and Storage. Whether you’re moving to your dream apartment across the street or moving several miles across the state, TriState Moving and Storage is the moving company that will turn the world upside down to ensure you have a perfect move. 

At TriState Moving and Storage, we offer world-class apartment and condo moving services within Rockville, Maryland, and the nearby areas. With more than two decades of experience providing the highest-level apartment and condo moving services, we can be trusted to make your apartment move a seamless process. As an apartment and condo mover that has built a reputation on professionalism and exceptional customer service, we’ve put together a team of qualified and background-checked movers who know exactly how to navigate challenges that come with moving.


Reasons to hire TriState Moving and Storage


Experienced and professional moving assistance

Having a apartment moving service with many years of experience lending you a hand with your relocation is always an important decision. Whether it’s your first move or you’ve moved by yourself a couple of times in the past, a professional apartment and condo moving service has what it takes to make your moving experience simple, straightforward, and less stressful. At TriState Moving and Storage, we have handled more than 20000 moves across Rockville and beyond. Our expert movers have undergone rigorous training; hence, they are equipped with skills to handle even the most sophisticated moving projects. Apartment moving presents unique challenges that only highly trained movers have the ability to handle. At TriState Moving and Storage, our movers know how to move bulky items through narrow spaces. As a moving service with unmatched experience, we’ve seen it all and you can trust to protect your belongings at all times.


We have the right equipment

You can imagine how stressful it is to move bulky pieces of furniture such as tables and sofas downstairs with your bare hands, not to mention dragging them upstairs in your new apartment. There are two things you can expect when you choose to move such items by yourself: injuries and damages. Besides, some of the furniture may need assembly and disassembly, and without the right tools, you could spend countless hours, possibly damaging your furniture. At TriState Moving and Storage, we have the right tools to move all your belongings with utmost safety. Our team of experts will come in and assess your items to ensure they have the proper equipment and the right vehicle for a seamless move. Besides, they will assess the size of the doors, staircases, and hallways leading out of your apartment to determine the best way to move your furniture. At TriState Moving and Storage, we have a fleet of fully-insured and specialized trucks that provide an added level of security to your items in transit. Our movers will use custom-built trucks, hoisting straps, appliance dollies, cabling, and ramps to transport your items in a safe and secure manner.

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We help you save time

Time is something that most people who decide to move by themselves forget to consider in their budget. Handling an apartment move with a few of your inexperienced buddies is guaranteed to be time-consuming. You’ll also spend countless hours looking for equipment, assembly and disassembly tools, movers & packing materials and begging your friends to assist you with loading and unloading. There are many other important things you’ll need to attend to on the day of moving. Hiring a local mover in Rockville, Maryland, takes away the burden of moving so that you can concentrate on other important tasks. At TriState Moving and Storage, we are always ready to take on any moving project that comes our way. With our team of expert movers, top-notch equipment, and professional approach, you can be assured that we will complete the project in a timely manner, allowing you to settle and enjoy your new apartment or condominium. Moreover, our expert condo movers understand the Rockville neighborhood and the local routes to ensure your belongings are dispatched without any inconveniences.

save money

We help you save money

As crazy as it may sound, hiring a local moving service in Rockville could help you save a lot of money. Some people choose to move by themselves as they wrongly believe that hiring an expert mover is too much. If you factor in all the costs that come with the DIY approach, you’ll realize that moving by yourself is more expensive in dollar price, and time. Think about having to buy packaging materials, the cost of specialized tools, hiring a truck and fueling it, and the amount of time required to complete the job considering that you’re doing as a layman. When you hire our services, we provide the trucks, packaging materials, and manpower, eliminating the need to make any purchases. Besides, complications could arise when moving by yourself and you could end up spending more money to remedy the arising issues. At TriState Moving and Storage, we provide our clients with straightforward estimates and we do not have any hidden costs. With our competitive pricing, you can be sure to save money and get the best service possible.

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Moving by yourself can be a nightmare considering all the packing, loading, unlocking and unpacking all over again. A seasoned moving service has done it numerous times and has the experience to give you the fastest and best service possible. At TriState Moving and Storage, you can expect our movers to carry out the process in a timely manner so you can settle in your new apartment at the earliest convenience. Moreover, having been in the moving business for over 20 years, we know the best ways to handle belongings of different sizes and quantities.

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If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable local moving service in Rockville, Maryland, that you can trust to handle your upcoming apartment or condominium move, TriState Moving and Storage is here to serve you. We are a licensed, insured and bonded Rockville apartment/condo mover with over two decades of experience in apartment and condo relocations. No matter the size of your moving project or the distance which you’re moving, you deserve to work with a seasoned local moving service for apartment/condo owners. As the most trusted name in Rockville, Maryland, you can be assured that TriState Moving and Storage will handle your belongings with utmost care and precision. Our dedicated team of movers understands how overwhelming the moving journey can be and how important it is that your possessions arrive at your new apartment in their top shape and in a timely manner.


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